Pointe Work

Timmins Academy

Pointe Work

This class has been designed by Kate to work on pure classical ballet technique and stamina whilst wearing pointe shoes. Based on classes she studied at the Royal Ballet School & Central School of Ballet, this class is suitable for students who have just started pointe work and for those more advanced wishing to perfect their technique, steps are adapted to suit ability.

In ballet, the pointe shoe should become part of the foot, so the more they are worn for class the better. It will then become more and more natural to dance in them. 

Your teacher will advise when your child’s feet are ready for point shoes and vary’s depending on growth. Exercises without the shoes are also given in this class to strengthen feet, it’s advisable these are worked on at home to get stronger and avoid injuries. 

When the time is right an expert point shoe fitter will help your child decide which model of shoe they should use. Many dancers stay with the same make during their careers.