Pre-prepartory Ballet & Musical Theatre

Timmins Academy

Pre-prepartory Ballet & Musical Theatre

Pre-Preparatory ballet is for children 3-5 years of age and focuses on story telling through expressive movement, singing and rhythm. Miss Lynne Fox teaches this class, it’s fun and is captivating for the children from the minute they enter the studio. The aim of this class is to develop skills ready for the higher grades where the majority of children go onto progress through the school until their teens and beyond. This class is a lovely enjoyable social class for the early years.

What follows Pre-Preparatory ballet? 

We encourage each child to take a very short exam together in a group once they are old enough, they receive a recognised medal & certificate from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) for this. After this they are ready to join the next class and gradually continue through the school.

During your time at the school we let parents come and watch the progress of classes every so often, and every other year we do an exciting show in a professional theatre which all children participate in with costume. This is also a good opportunity for parents and children new to the school to see the progression throughout the school. Of course the pre-school children steal the show and love every second!

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